Rebecca Logan

I want you to know that I rarely try to sleep with the same ex twice.

Room 303, Sunday After 3MD
adult impressed with you
"And here we have my room," Rebecca announced unnecessarily as she opened the door, "and -- oh, good, my roommate's not here."

So that would be her coat being tossed onto Matt's desk, where, in fact, a lot of her stuff was currently residing. Best roommate ever, right?


[[continued from here, and i offer no guarantees on its worksafe-ness most emphatically not worksafe. for she of the raspberry lip gloss!]]

Room 318, Saturday After The Dance
adult impressed with you
Peter had barely gotten the door open before Rebecca decided it was time to pin him to the wall with one hand and kiss him hard. She used one foot to kick the door shut, then brought that knee up to the wall as well. For balance. Not to stick out her ass. Really.

There was a pink rose in her immediate line of vision and not much else in the way of decorating, but guess what so was not on her mind right now? She was way more preoccupied with the making-out part, thanks.

[[continued from here, and for him whose room it is! (not you, jim.) NSFW, yo.]]

OOC: Info Post, Spring 2012
adult impressed with you
Look at me, infoposting like a champ.

…I have four students. I have the maximum possible students. When did that happen? Oh, right. Just now.

First, my newbie:

The BratCollapse )

And the non-newbies!

The BookwormCollapse )
    The GeniusCollapse )
      The StarCollapse )

      And finally, me!

      The TeacupCollapse )


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