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Room 303, Thursday Morning
Well. That was it, then. This semester had been charming and all, really, but no way was Rebecca sticking around school for a summer when she could be tanning on the beach somewhere exotic. Like South Carolina or something. Anywhere she could pass for a college kid, basically.

So on this fine morning, she was loading her meticulously-folded clothing collection and assorted other belongings into her bags. Some stuff, she almost thought she might be able to leave lying around -- she'd be back in September, after all -- except on second thought she really might not, because her track record for sticking to boarding schools really wasn't the best. Better to avoid having to make an awkward return if she didn't have to, all things considered.

Finally, her stuff thus packed, she whistled for Pitt and took a seat on her empty bed, surveying the room.


"It's really a shame," she decided, "about that headboard."

Yeah, sorry, next occupant of 303. That headboard was pretty much a goner at this point.


"And the dent in the wall."

Well, she'd made her mark, at least. That was nice.

[[almost definitely rebecca's last post, or else just her last post for the summer. open post and door yadda yadda.]]


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