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Room 303, Friday Afternoon
Well. It had been almost a week and Pitt the cat didn't seem to want to budge, even though all the other kids who'd shown up on the island had long since vanished.

It was possible, Rebecca supposed, that Pitt just wasn't one of those kids, and was simply a cat who'd shown up randomly at her door. Although really, the research she'd had her father's secretary do done pointed toward Pitt being of a decent, show-cat sort of breed, so that seemed unlikely. Maybe he was just too obstinate to get into strange portals when there was already a human around to give him food and stacks of pillows to hide behind. That sounded plausible.

Well. Regardless of what it was, she and Pitt were cohabitating fairly well.

"You know, I think I like you better than Matt," she decided, watching Pitt leap over her desk to sit on a cushion on the windowsill. Pitt had the grace to look appreciative. "Just don't step on my clothes and we'll be fine."

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