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Room 303, Wednesday Morning
About halfway through getting dressed, Rebecca paused.

There was... itching.

"Really?" she muttered, rollling her eyes. "Perfect."

With that, she finished getting dressed, then flopped on her bed and pulled open her schedule, trying to find an opening to book an appointment at the clinic. Ugh.

[[open! and this is entirely steve, len and natalie's fault. but separately.]]

"Problem, Rebecca?" Matt asked from his bed where he was studying. "Is your world less than perfect?"

"I just said 'perfect', didn't I?" she snapped.

Strange Brazilian guy, she was going to KILL YOU.

Poor Brazilian guy. No doubt Rebecca's vengeance would be ruthless.

"Well your tone seems to indicate the contrary," Matt noted cheerfully. "Can't be all bad. The day is just starting."

Oh, it would. It WOULD.

"You're right," Rebecca said faux-brightly. "I'll just have to move on. By the way, did you know there's a rat in your closet?"

What? Couldn't hurt to spread the annoyance a little.

"Must be attracted to your clothes," Matt said idly turning a page of his book. Clothes that were STILL in his closet.

"No," said Rebecca flatly.

Charming, Becs.

"No? Huh. Well I highly doubt there is a rat in there," Matt said as he continued to run his fingers of the page of the book he was reading. "Mostly because I doubt you'd be so calm about it."Z

"I'm a very serene person," Rebecca informed him. While stomping across the room to retrieve her keys, yes.

"Yes," Matt said sarcastically. "You're very Zen."

"It must come with all the pilates," Rebecca decided as she stuffed her keys in her pocket. And then because she was a brat, she moved Matt's desk chair halfway across the room. Because.

"Redecorating, again?" Matt asked with a sigh. "Let me guess... Feng shui?"

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"Need the room to be harmonious and in balance!" she chirped.

Wow! This really was making her feel better.

"Oh! Does that mean you're moving out?" Matt asked with false hope.

"If only," Rebecca said mournfully. "If only."


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