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Room 303, Monday Evening
So that thing just now, with the dancing kid? That had been... pretty weird. And hadn't done a whole lot in the way of relieving any of the pent-up energy that Rebecca seemed to have an excess of this week in case anyone hadn't noticed. She'd followed that up with a couple hours of cardio at the gym, which hadn't helped either, and now she was... back at her room.

And sweaty. And you could see where this was going, right?

[[for her partner in hoing, and NSFW. yes, this insane streak of hers is still going on. i'm pretty amazed myself.]]

After Philosophy earlier, Bruce had tried going to his cave to do work. Or meditate. Or do anything productive at all.

The fact that he was knocking on Rebecca's door tonight instead of inventing new explosive devices probably told the story of how that went. But here he was, knocking.

Rebecca made a face and strode over to the door. "Matt, if that's you, I'm going to--" Oh! What a pleasant surprise! "Hi!"

"Hi," Bruce said. "Does the offer from last night still stand?"

"It so does," Rebecca assured him gratefully. Aaaand the shirt was coming off already. Whatever, shirts sucked. "Annoying day?"

Not like conversation was really needed for this or anything...

Bruce walked in, closed the door, and started taking his shirt off, too. He didn't mind being a follower for something like this. "My concentration's been shot all day. I haven't been able to actually accomplish anything I've tried to do."

"I figured it was worth seeing if I could change my luck there." Tossing his shirt on the floor, he set his mind to going in for a kiss. And look at that. Taking action.

Action was fun like that, yes.

"Sounds good to me," Rebecca purred, stepping in to... take some action as well. Because fun.

And then more actions kept happening.

And eventually things were accomplished.


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