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Room 322, Tuesday Morning
Rebecca had been all set to go for her morning run when she'd woken up this morning.

Then she'd spotted the squirrel outside her door, read the note it had in its tiny paw or claw or whatever that was called, and groaned. Really, really loudly.

So now she was marching all of her stuff over to room 322. Not just some of it or enough for a week -- all of it. And if she could beat Annie there, she was totally claiming the bed by the window and... probably both closets. Because it was important to make the best of a bad situation, or something. Whatever.

[[open post and door, naturalmente, though i'll be around a lot more in the afternoon after a couple of back-to-back midterms]]

Lex had been on his way to his own temporary room when he caught sight of Rebecca down the hall. "Hey, Little Sis, I think I got your roomie."

It was kind of hard to read the squirrel's handwriting.

"How nice for you," said Rebecca dryly. "Now you can put up with him."

Really, Rebecca, Matt wasn't that bad.

"You're not even going to give me any tips for dealing with him? After all I've done for you?" Sarcasm, the only way of dealing with the polyester.

"He's a big fan of obstacle courses," Rebecca offered helpfully.

No. No, he really wasn't.

"Really?" It was almost like Lex didn't believe you, Rebecca.

"Oh yeah," Rebecca said with a nod. "Rearrange everything."

"I'll let him know you told me, I'm sure he'll appreciate it." Since she was going to have to live with him again after this week, and all. "Who'd you get?"

Rebecca sighed. "Annie Edison," she reported.

She was not a fan, no.

"Annie..." Lex took a moment to place her. "Hot brunette? Sort of intense?"

What, Lex was a teenage boy who liked brunettes.

Rebecca rolled her eyes. "She's not interested." Look, Annie being a prude was the one good thing about this. The last thing she needed was to get sexiled this week.

"You sure about that?" Don't make Lex attempt a seduction just to annoy you, Rebecca, it was likely to end badly for everyone.

"Positive," Rebecca said, sounding certain.

She wasn't, but she sounded it.

"You're not just saying that?" Don't underestimate the power of the bald. It was sexay.

"Please," said Rebecca, waving a hand lazily. "She slept with that Butters guy."

"That doesn't meant anything," Lex said, arguing mostly just for the sake of it. "Unless you're trying to make an argument for monogamy."

And that would be Rebecca snorting with laughter. Because really now.

"No," she said, with certainty. "I mean that she's clearly attracted to a certain... type of guy."

Lex raised an eyebrow, smirking. "Leaving aside the fact people can have diverse tastes, that type would be?"

Rebecca sighed. "Infants."

Rebecca, you'd almost slept with Butters too.

"Maybe she just needs a man to show her a different type." Oh Lex, honey, no. you're not quite there yet.

"And you're suggesting that you might be that man." Rebecca, don't smirk, it wasn't nice.

Sure he wasn't quite Casanova but still... "I don't recall any complaints."

Of course, there had been sex pollen involved.

"And you think I'm the model of someone who's particularly picky about those things?"

Well, kind of, but in a different way. Girl liked to boss people around.

Lex...well it depended on who was doing the bossing.

"Are you suggesting Annie has higher standards than you do?"

He asked, oh so innocently.

"I'm saying she thinks she does," Rebecca countered. "But fine, if you want to challenge yourself, I'm all for it. Just do it in your room."

And then she'd have the room to herself and once again Matt would have to suffer! Everybody won!

Except Matt.

"I just might at that," Lex replied archly, and since he couldn't leave well enough alone. "Afraid you couldn't resist joining in if we were here?"

That probably ranked with starting a land war in Asia in terms of ideas that sounded much better on paper.



Look, it took time to work up the appropriate level of bitchface that was forthcoming. Time and imagination. Ready?



Wait for it...



Not much could phase after Lionel Luthor levels of disapproval. Still, would it have hurt to crush his threesome dreams a little more gently.

"C'mon, it'd be hot." Teenage boy. Thing for brunettes.

"With someone who has no idea how to do things?" Rebecca scoffed. "Please."

Look, she'd deflowered a guy or two in the past, sure, but they'd been fast learners. How was she to know whether Annie shared that trait?

She'd share it because Lex was a genius and that rubbed off on people...not dirty. Well, kind of.

Lex suddenly grinned. "Oh, I get it. You don't want anyone else to try with her."




Look, Lex hadn't really been exposed to too many healthy relationships. It wasn't really going to be shock when he started with the Krytonite rayguns as tokens of affection.

"I totally get it now," he said. "The aggression and put downs, all covering up something deeper." Like loathing.

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"No," said Rebecca slowly, with exactly zero subtext, because yes, the deeper feeling was indeed loathing. "I hate her."


Lex nodded. "Of course you do."

Kryptonite rayguns and half-alien clone children. Just saying.

"I do!" Rebecca insisted. A lot!

Blame Lionel, Rebecca, he was responsible for most of Lex's damage.

"Trust me on this."

"Look," Rebecca interrupted. "I know hatesex when I see it, okay? I've had hatesex. With you! Annie? Is not a viable hatesex companion. Okay!?"

"I'm not saying she is." Lex wasn't suggesting hatesex. Though he wasn't going to complain about it.

"So what are you saying?!"

"I'm saying sometimes we think we feel one thing, but we're really feeling another."

Maybe the polyblend was laced with something?

"And I'm saying," Rebecca said, "that sometimes we're not."

"And sometimes we're in denial."

"And sometimes," said Rebecca as she stood up, "we're late for a hair appointment and not sleeping with you again anyway."

Oooh, playing the hair card. Mean.

Mean, also unoriginal.

"I expected more from you," Lex said. "But that's okay, I understand that I touched a nerve, and that you're saving yourself for Annie."

"Out," said Rebecca, pointing into the hall as she picked up her new and inferior set of keys. "If you want to sleep with your roommate, do it on your own time."


"He's a big fan of biting, if I recall correctly."

Silly, Lex wasn't the Luthor with the redhead fixation.

"I'll remember to stock up on concealer," Lex deadpanned as he crossed over to the door. "Unless I'm the one supposed to be biting?"

"Alternate," Rebecca advised. "It's the best strategy, really."

"I'm sure Annie will appreciate that." Yes, Lex, keep poking.

Rebecca shot Lex a withering look. "Run along now."


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